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Generative Ai for Protein Design

We integrate generative AI into protein and peptide design to address global challenges across multiple facets in drug discovery, accelarating progress for a brighter future.

Peptide Design Drug Discovery

Drug discovery and development is a long, costly, and high-risk process that takes over 10–15 years. At DíaGen, we’re revolutionizing the industry by drastically shortening the process.

New Pharma: Todays Generative Ai Engine for the Future of Health

“Artificial Intelligence Revolutionizes Protein Design, Paving the Way for Unprecedented Medical Breakthroughs”

In a groundbreaking development, AI is being harnessed to engineer proteins that were previously beyond human conception. This remarkable innovation holds immense promise for unlocking novel solutions in the quest to eradicate disease, offering the potential to expedite and economize the drug development process significantly.

DíaGen’s platform is revolutionizing innovation across various industries by addressing longstanding challenges. Its AI engine (Día) has garnered endorsements from industry leaders. Its creators have subjected their publications to rigorous peer review, which has been featured in reputable journals and conferences. By advancing protein and peptide design, we hold the potential to transform industries by accelerating advancements in areas ranging from drug discovery, trial acceleration, diagnostics, biosensors for detection and stabilizing agents.


Platform Applications


Maximise binding function with a specific viral protein (e.g. COVID for detection)


Inside the gut (for ingestible devices)


Formulate optimal adherence to chip surfaces (for biosensor production)


A cancer-causing protein (for therapeutics)


Predict and generate an immune response (for vaccine creation)


Identify cause of disease and accelarate clinical trial development

Protein & Peptide Design


"DÍA" Engine

Use Día’s platform to build and advance new peptides and proteins proprietarily.


White Label

Outsource Día’s platform to partnered biotech and pharma companies to accelerate current and future trials.



Consult, Advise, Moderate and Prompt bespoke training models to optimize the utility of the Día platform within your organization.


Partner with DiaGen in synergetic projects and research to accelerate innovation and mutual growth with non dilutive grant funding.


License DíaGen’s peptides and proteins for new drug development to drive up-front and royalty streams of income.


Pipeline Partners



In development:

  • In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) for TnI – Heart attack test
  • Testing on a KRAS oncology drug
  • IVD for Rhinosinusitis test
  • Universal Flu Vaccines to avoid repeated boosters
  • HIV Vaccine advancement
  • Optimize nanobody as a therapeutic
  • KRAS molecule Licensing
  • Protein Expression

Our Portfolio

Case Studies

Successful Cancer Validation

DíaGen engine has custom-designed a HETEROBIFUNCTIONAL LINKER that labels the misbehaving target of interest for destruction. That results in successful experimental validation of our ONCOLOGY TARGET that are ready for Licensing.

Diagnostics Validation

Heart-Attack Biomarker

Cardiac Troponin I (cTnI) is released into the bloodstream in response to any heart attack event (small or large). cTnI is therefore an essential biomarker in diagnosis.

Aim: Design a mini-protein diagnostic that can specifically detect biomarkers (cardiac troponin) in patient blood.


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